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New Way Moving Services Inc. is a full service moving broker,

fully licensed,bonded and certified  by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

We maintain a commitment to delivering the highest quality

with competitive rates.


Our network of carriers can offer variety of moving services

Contact us for details

Whether it's one box or a full house, our sales department will work with you individually to meet your moving needs throughout Your entire move.


New way moving service is a certified moving broker and keeps the right to assign your move to one of our agents. All agents are equally responsible, certified, bonded and licensed by the D.O.T., and law obeying. As the household goods broker we will not be transporting you, the customer's items, but will arrange for the transportation of the household goods by an FMCSA-authorized household goods motor carrier, whose charges will be determined by its published tariff. The estimate given is based on the carrier's tariff and such may be made able to you, the customer, for inspection upon reasonable request.

Honesty and satisfaction is our main goal, let us show you the new way.


Call us today 866-562-2051.

>> Give us a call, or go online, and we’ll be there to serve you <<

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